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Helping people to help themselves

Illuminate is a registered charity, providing coaching and personal development courses throughout the East of England. 

Based in Cambridge we help people who have experienced a setback including mental health challenges, and are unemployed or on a minimal income. 

Through our work we rebuild self-confidence, enabling sustainable positive changes, improving lives for the better.



Latest News

We are back in Cambridge with Confidence for Change, it starts Wednesday June 28th and we're now open for applications.

Interested please contact Sam or Maria -



What people say about us ...

"The Confidence for Change course was fantastic. I took away a new way to see myself."  

R. Stephens


"A friendly and welcoming environment that can be a personal eye opener. You will learn something new that will help you realise change."

Richard Flack


"Illuminate lit up my life. You gave me the confidence to move forward, I highly recommend this course, thankyou."

Zoe Youthed