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2021 A chance to turn over my life



Ten years ago I unfortunately got a very bad virus, which decided to invade my body and stop short of my heart and give me some lovely side effects to remember it by, including asthma and severe hearing loss. 


My hearing had been going down rapidly so I decided to go for a private hearing test and discovered that the gorgeous virus had affected my ears. I was never warned that the majority of people with hearing loss will suffer from depression and anxiety. It is an interesting journey wearing hearing aids, as they are certainly not like glasses and your brain has to adjust to the sounds they are trying to work out and you end up with incredible hearing fatigue. I had a person say well you are not deaf, you just don't listen! right when I was rock bottom.  Dagger to the heart.  


I decided to start pondering about what a difference 2020 made positive-wise. I got diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety by the doctor but had some great CBT which started a roll of positivity. I realised how much I was on my own, it was only me that was going to sort out myself out. My challenge to get myself out of my black hole and reboot my brain.


Starting with CBT behaviour activation therapy, doing something you enjoy each day and for me it was going for a walk. I then planned other activities, started lip reading classes which I absolutely love and so much fun. It is going to be a necessity in my life, try to learn British Sign Language as well. I also decided to learn to draw, I brought books that promise I could draw in 30 days - ahhh not sure about that. Colouring books and my reading bookworm mojo came back.


I also learnt how much I really love nature, I love a walk near the sea and the outdoors. I had to give up running after being knocked over, but now I love walking and then bought a spin bike, pilates and I try out other exercises.   


My hearing is never going to come back, so I have to live and adapt to it but I have decided to explore more avenues in life. I have also made it a mission to educate people on hearing loss, as it is unknown territory for most people. It is not embarrassing to have to reboot your brain, it gives you opportunities in life.