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A Compassionate New Year 2021



We have all been through more than we could possibly have imagined in the last 12 months and that has taken a toll on us in many ways, including our mental health. From loneliness, increased stress and anxiety to trauma, we have all experienced a level of poor mental health from what we have experienced.


The one positive has been that we are seeing more open and honest conversations about mental health.


So we wanted to start 2021 by thanking everyone who has been part of that conversation and by, instead of setting New Year Resolutions, asking that we learn and heal from our experiences of 2020 by simply setting one simple goal for 2021- that we all put compassion for ourselves and others at the heart of everything we do.


In the workplace, we can do that by:


So let’s make 2021 the year of compassion. And remember we are here to support you and your team bring that compassion to life; from ensuring you better understand mental health and its impact to helping you with the skills to support each other.


Happy compassionate 2021