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A Few Words from Pam Scott



Hello, I’m Pam and I’m the Chair of Trustees for Illuminate Charity. I was asked to become a Trustee in 2014 and became Chair in 2019. I was so happy to be asked as I’d followed the growth of Illuminate since 2008, in my own community initially and then further afield.


Being a Trustee, I have been able to spend time with the Confidence for Change course beneficiaries and there is no doubt these courses have been a lifeline to many people. I have also been a volunteer, helping Anna when she formed the Illuminate Community Group, making teas, coffees, and helping wherever needed, which I really enjoyed.


It has been very exciting to see Illuminate growing, moving forward over the years and working with businesses, particularly in giving support and training around mental ill health in the workplace and introducing their Mental Health First Aid courses.


I look forward to continuing as a Trustee with Illuminate and watching how they grow in the coming years.