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Fay's Winter Wellbeing Tips



Fay’s Winter Wellbeing Tips 


I am fighting off a horrid winter lurgy at as I write this!  After being over-prescribed antibiotics as a young person, I now react badly to many common antibiotics so I don't take them unless absolutely necessary.  


Over the years, I have learnt a few natural powerful alternatives and I thought I would share my go-to store cupboard saviours. The trick to success using natural methods is to use them like medicines and take regular doses of three or more times a day if you can, for at least a few days. Don't just have them once and expect magic!




Finally, last but not least, I usually supplement with Zinc and Vitamin D, and high doses of Vitamin C.  Did you know, oranges aren’t the best source of vitamin C as it dies off very quickly – kiwis are actually a better bet! The Vitamin C and Zinc combination is widely recognised to be a great immune booster, and Vitamin D has made the news a lot recently in its prevention and symptom-reducing qualities with the dreaded ‘C’.


If all that doesn't do the trick, I turn to Grapefruit Seed Extract Drops. They are well worth keeping in your cupboard but be aware, it is anti-viral and anti-bacterial and is highly potent and must be diluted to take it.