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Here to support your business and your people



Our specialist mental health coaching for individual employees struggling with issues like anxiety and stress, helps them build resilience and prevents greater problems like burnout.


Our coaching for managers and leaders ensures they have the right skills and tools to best support good mental health across their teams. 


Our training includes Mental Health First Aid and on-line sessions and talks to reduce stigma in the workplace. Online talks are led by trainers with lived experience of poor mental health and who come from a variety of backgrounds – providing practical insights and information on raising awareness of mental health in the workplace.


We are here to support our local businesses of whatever size. By choosing us, an independant local charity, rather than a commercial partner, the businesses we work with support us to do more in our community - all the profits generated go straight into achieving our mission to improve mental health and reduce stigma across Cambridgeshire.


Even before the current crisis, research by Deloitte in January 2020 put the cost of poor mental health to UK employers (from sickness absence, reduced productivity and staff turnover) at £45 billion a year, or around, 5.8% of average salary. The same research shows that organisation‑wide culture change and awareness raising can provide a return on investment of £6 for every £1 invested. Training provides a similarly high average return on investment of £5 for every £1 invested.