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How to set up a wellbeing practitioners group



Mental health and wellbeing continue to be under the spotlight and many companies have invested in mental health training and mental health focused Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or sometimes called Wellbeing Practitioner Networks (WPNs). These groups increase engagement and loyalty, strengthen culture and put the company at the forefront of HR, wellbeing and inclusion best practices. They are an excellent internal resource for support, learning and development of its members.

Employees that have taken on the wellbeing or Mental Health First Aider role need on-going support and learning, a place to share and be listened to as the role can be stressful and isolating especially if there are only one or two in the company. 

Practitioner networks or groups vary in aims and membership, some companies include anyone with an interest and experience of poor mental health. Most keep it to those who have taken on the role of Champion or MHFAider, so they have a confidential place for support as their role becomes more defined and popular.

We help organisations and businesses start up their own in-house practitioners' network, whether that's online, hybrid or in-person meetings. We can help you with the planning and go through the details, what to include, what to expect and what not to include. This will form part of your policy and the overall strategy.

Maria can facilitate the first meeting, bring people together and discuss the remit, purpose and format so everyone has a stake in their group. Or she can facilitate the first four meetings before careful hand-over to the next facilitator. Not only that, we can help with the communications and advertising of the group, small businesses find this particularly helpful.

To sum up Illuminate offers: -

Getting staff trained in mental health awareness, typically the Mental Health First Aid but whichever route it's only just the beginning. A successful practitioner's network will increase engagement, effectiveness, learning and ultimately productivity whilst putting the company at the forefront ensuring it stands out for best practice, culture and wellness.