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Making a Difference with Louise



I came to Illuminate via Futures For You (National Careers Service), and they suggested the confidence building courses as I have struggled with my anxiety for some time. I recently left my employment as I wasn’t treated very kindly, and it really knocked my confidence with regard to my performance and then getting back into work and trusting potential employers.


I contacted Anna, the Community Engagement Coach and we had a chat she encouraged me to sign up for the online sessions. I have suffered with anxiety for a long time and tried to manage it myself, so it was helpful to have encouragement from someone who had experienced anxiety.


There’s been quite a lot going on for me over the past couple of years and being out of work for 6 months had affected my confidence and my finances. I needed practical steps and encouragement to help me for the future, as my anxiety also has quite a lot to do with my future.


I was nervous about joining the Zoom sessions, but I felt so welcomed by the Illuminate team and I really enjoyed the online sessions, everything was useful and helpful. I’m a shy person, but the sessions helped me feel more confident, motivated and hopeful. After the sessions, I was helped to find organisations that could provide me with support to get back into work. I was very quickly referred to Cambridge Community Arts for their Next Steps project and I’m now having regular meetings with the adviser.


My first Illuminate in-person event was a workshop called Growing Confidence in the Interview Process with Mark Wishart from Pure Resourcing Solutions Cambridge, it was a really good session and perfect for me. I felt very welcomed by Maria, and was able to have a follow-up call with Mark which was really useful. 


I’m managing my anxiety well, there are up and down days but I am in a more positive place. I’ve had some interview experience, which really boosted my self-esteem, and reflecting on my values and beliefs I realised it was not the right job for me - that was really empowering. 


I've had a successful interview to volunteer with a local charity, an amazing organisation doing great work to empower young women. I'm excited about volunteering with them. It’s important to me to be able to support young women, to help and be part of their development in some way. 


Illuminate and Mark's workshop helped me step outside of my comfort zone, and move forward in my life for which I am very grateful.



Louise attended our online confidence building and personal development sessions, she also received 3 coaching sessions, and 3 mentoring meetings and attended the workshop with Mark Wishart from Pure Resourcing Solutions Cambridge.

We are grateful for their contribution making this possible.