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Starting a Conversation on Stress



How is your workload at the moment?


How are you? And you're not allowed to use the word 'fine'


How are you coping with the current situation?


I noticed some people are finding it tough at the moment, how are you finding it?


How do you feel about your current deadlines – are they realistic?


What can I do to support you?


Is there anything else we could be doing to help you?



Do ask direct questions about their workload and stress levels, listen and acknowledge, don't try and fix it or quickly glide over it, this your worry and anxiety about not being able to offer a solution. It's OK sometimes there isn't a solution but listening and allowing the space to be heard allows people to relax and to think clearly as poor listening stunts open dialogue and empathy.


Finally, be open about your own stress levels. To create an environment where people feel they can talk they need to see the managers and above doing it too. Remind staff they can approach you for support and keep in touch with your team, not just at team meetings i.e. in the group.