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Why Coaching?



We created Illuminate 12 years ago when we saw there was a real gap in services available to support good mental health. Counselling and therapeutic services were and continue to be widely available. Whilst perfect for reviewing the past and healing from painful events, coaching is focused on now, the future and taking action. 


Back in 2008 coaching was just starting to become available but it was focussed on executive coaching and generally not free. We saw coaching as a powerful way of helping people manage their own wellbeing and mental health, particularly when their mental health was making it challenging to move into or get closer to work. 


Traditionally people with mental health problems were sign-posted to services that see the individual as a patient (and for some at certain times this is perfect) we conciously stayed away from that medical model of mental health and disability. As a coaching organisation we see the relationship with the individual as a partnership seeking to develop resilience, strengths and motivation.


We use the tools and techniques of coaching to help individuals manage their own wellbeing and maintain positive mental health. For example, looking at how to manage stress and anxiety to build resilience. 


We are the only Cambridgeshire charity offering coaching to support unemployed adults to manage their mental health and build their confidence towards entering the workplace.