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Mental health in the workplace

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Our work raises awareness, develops management and people skills whilst reducing the stigma. We know that good mental health and a good place to work are interdependent and doing nothing costs.


The cost of poor mental health to employers before Covid-19 was £45 billion a year. That cost comes from sickness absence, reduced productivity and staff turnover. [Deloitte: Mental Health & Employers]


As the workplace evolves in response to economic pressures, it is important organisations invest in their greatest asset, developing the confidence and resilience of managers and staff to embrace the transition that lies ahead. We are here to help.


Building on our 12 years of experience and expertise we: -

1. Strengthen the skills and resilience of individual leaders, managers and staff.


2. Build the skills and confidence needed to support your teams and staff. Enable effective conversations to address stress and anxiety and having clear boundaries.


3. Enable managers and staff to spot the signs of poor mental health and have successful conversations about it.


By choosing to work with us, you support the charity to improve mental health and reduce the stigma. You are also showing your customers, staff and suppliers that your business takes mental health seriously.

"Illuminate delivered wellbeing lunch and learn sessions which we rolled out to our London and Cambridge offices. We also collaborated on their mentoring scheme using employees to mentor beneficiaries. It was a great success with learning for both mentors and mentees"   Chrissie Easom, HR Director Taylor Vinters


Join us for a free 40 minute lunch time call with Maria Varallo on the 25th May and find out how to best support colleagues and teams starting with the three factors that universally lead to stress.




Products and Services

1. One to one specialist online coaching 

​A package of 6 coaching sessions for individuals, managers and leaders focusing on stregthening skills, confidence, leadership, improving team connections and morale. 


Also our coaching is perfect for in-house coaches and Mental Health First Aiders. The coaching will sustain their learning and help them develop strategies and techniques to address mental health challenges that are raised in their professional relationships. 


2. Bite-size interactive workshops

Choice of five online workshops lasting 45 minutes: -

1. Building resilience an introduction

2. Building optimism through change

3. Managing change an introduction

4. Managing stress top tips

5. Burnout and introduction for people managers


3. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Accredited nationally recognised licensed training. We deliver courses either online or face to face depending on current guidence. Courses for the whole team or buy individual places on an open online course, here to find out more.


4. Resilience for Teams

One day or two half days of engaging and interactive training for groups and teams. Gain insights and understanding of coping strategies on stress and overwhelm. Learn the elements that build resilience to enhance well being and performance at work. 


5. Lived Experience Talks

We have five Wellbeing Speakers each has a different insightful talk covering areas such as resilience and recovery, stress management and mental health. Each talk is 45 minutes includes a Q&A.


6. Bespoke training and workshops

Tailored online training for your organisation or team to meet specific needs and outcomes.

"We were joined by Richard who delivered an informative and helpful talk. Discussing mental health is something that has a positive and powerful impact and being able to help Illuminate is incredibly important. I look forward to future collaborations and do not hesitate in recommending them."  Jessie Hutson, Senior HR Advisor, Inca Digital UK


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