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The Illuminate Community Group (ICG)

Illuminate Community Group (ICG)


The ICG is a free meet-up open to anyone who has been on our courses or who is interested in the work of Illuminate. Meetings offer practical ways to develop self-confidence, meet other people and hear guest speakers. Each meeting explores a different topic or theme, providing support and ideas to help people succeed in their own personal goals. Guest speakers share knowledge and skills on a range of topics. 


Meetings are advertised on our Facebook page and to join the mailing list please email 



*Winners of the 2019 Cambridge Community & Education Awards*

Ish's story

I attended the Confidence for Change course and it helped me to cope a lot better with my physical and mental health issues. In just 4 days I had changed as a person more confident, resilient and motivated to take my next steps. My goal was to get a part-time job and come off some of the benefits. Luckily, Illuminate was advertising a job as Group Coordinator of the ICG. I have had some experience running groups so this job seemed ideal for me. 


I had not had a job for over a year, so I was nervous but for the interview, I practiced my Confidence for Change skills doing my power poses in the hallway before I entered. I got the job and was over the moon!


In my work I have met some wonderful guest speakers each one had different expertise and knowledge and gave motivational and uplifting talks. The members made the group a success, they show interest and play active roles in the meetings. 


My work wasn’t without some glitches, my ill health occasionally got in the way, but the support and care I received from Sam and Maria was amazing. I always felt respected and, because of this, I got better so much quicker than I had done in the past.  


At the end of the funding period, I had to make the difficult decision about whether I would stay on. I have learned and made leaps and bounds in my recovery and my dream has always been to work in a hospital. I felt it was time to pursue this career and I have now got an admin job at our local hospital, they were really impressed with my work for Illuminate. 


I am sad to leave Illuminate, however, they can’t get rid of me that easily as I fully expect to attend some of the ICG meetings. Finally I’d like to say thank you to Illuminate and thank you to all the members and guest speakers I’ve met along the way. I’ve loved being on your journeys and wish everyone huge successes in the future. 


Ish Tannahill