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The Illuminate Community Group (ICG)

What is the ICG?


The ICG was set up in April 2018 to offer free practical ways to develop self-confidence, a sense of purpose and a sense of achievement. We cover a variety of activities, such as, volunteering, fundraising and preparing for the 10th anniversary celebration of Illuminate. We also regularly bring in guest speakers to share knowledge and skills on a range of topics. 


It's a relaxed and friendly environment, generally meeting weekly. Each week covers a slightly different topic. If you are unemployed or in part-time work we look forward to meeting you whether that's weekly or once every few months. 


What's coming up:

We are taking a short break in October whilst the Illuminate 10th Anniversary video is being finalised. 


Tuesday 13th November 12:30-2:30

Mental health and the corporate world- With Richard Stephens

Join us for a showcasing of Richard’s fascinating talk about what employers need to know from an employee who faces mental health challenges. This talk will be rolled out to businesses, and this is your chance to view and provide feedback for Richard but also to gain an insight into how to approach mental health to potential employers. It should be an interesting insight into what Illuminate is going to begin working on very soon. To book please contact Ish on


Tuesday 20th November 12:30-2:30

10th Anniversary of Illuminate Preparations

Have some ideas that would help us celebrate 10 years of Illuminate? Want to volunteer and earn some time credits in the process? Whether you just want to come in for a chat and a brew to helping us make the 10 years of Illuminate special, we value your input and this session is all about that! No need to book this one, just turn up on the day!


Tuesday 27th November 12:30-2:30

Employability Skills 2 with Martin Cohen

We are delighted to welcome back Martin who will be giving a follow-on talk to his well-received Employability skills 1. We’ll be looking at writing CVs, interview techniques and phone call conversations with potential employers. Don’t worry if you missed the last event, this talk will still be able to offer practical and useful techniques in getting a job. To book please contact Ish on


If this group interests you and you'd like to get on our mailing list please contact the group coordinator Ish on







An insight from the group coordinator

I have attended the Confidence for Change course and it helped me to cope a lot better with my physical and mental health issues, which I have been battling with for 10 years. I gained so much confidence and was ready to deepen my self-exploration and the ICG was the perfect opportunity. I am really excited to see where this group goes and I hope that other members will find it to be hugely beneficial in their lives too. I look forward to meeting everyone!


Ish Tannahill- ICG Group Coordinator