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"Highly recommended course, supportive environment that provides ways for you to grow and develop as well improve your confidence. It’s very well run with lots of discussion."  Hannah Williams


"Very enjoyable and useful. I have learned to be much more positive and less critical about myself.” Sarah Osborne


“Great course, it’s helped give me the confidence to make positive changes and have strategies to achieve my goals.” Beth Fleetwood.


“The course has been inspirational and engaging. Tackled difficult areas in my life and helped me see the future in a positive light, thank-you.” Nicola Blackmore


“It gave me space to think and reflect in a relaxed and warm group. Small but significant insights to improve my life that will stay with me.” Joanne


“I definitely recommend this course to everyone. It’s well laid out and thorough. Maria and Sam are lovely and welcoming.”  H. Lathwell


"As someone who felt a failure, this course has changed all that, putting things in context has been a real help. Confidence for Change has definitely been one of the best courses I have ever attended. Literally a life changer for me." Owen Davis


“An amazing journey to learn more about yourself and to find ways of making changes for the better.” Victor Z


“The difference the course has made to me is amazing. In just 4 days I went from having no confidence to feeling comfortable with decision making and believing in myself. Thank-you.” L. Parkinson


“I would recommend this course for anyone who has felt they are not valued, anyone who needs to recognise their strengths and what they bring to others and do for themselves”. Xtal Gwinn 


“I just wanted to let you know that I went to an interview yesterday and they offered me the job! I’m really nervous but I'm going to do it and it's mainly down to you and your coaching which I will be forever grateful for.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are a star. I would never even have considered anything like this if it weren't for you and the work we did together.” Elaine Raw 


"Just wanted to say what an amazing charity Illuminate is!!! So very glad that I was pointed in your direction. It has made a massive difference to my life and my children's lives too." E.M Vickery


“The whole event was very informative and well managed, some subjects were very emotive but covered in a professional way and somehow leaving us all feeling good. Very interesting thank you." KP DWP training







A step by step process for developing self-esteem and confidence.


£12.00 plus £2.00

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"I attended quite a few Illuminate workshops this year. Initially daunted by Zoom meeting software, I am glad I persevered. The workshops have created a really positive daily routine helping me identify my strengths, values and beliefs. They've made me more resilient and more understanding." Richard Hagedorn

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